Date of birth: 12/26/2011
Location: Yuzhny, Ukraine
My favourite holidays: New Year, My Birthday
My favourite color: Pink
My favourite flower: A rose
My favourite dish: Ice cream, pea soup, fried potatoes
My favourite drink: Fruit juice
My favourite animal: A rat
My favourite poet / story / poem: Autumn
My favourite type of sports: Gymnastics
My favourite thing / toy? Teddy bear
My hobby? Drawing
I love: My grandmother
I don’t like: When a dog poops and pees at home
My dream? To become Bloom (Winx Club)
My fear? Chucky (doll)
I collect: Kinder Surprise toys
What would you like to learn? To cut out figures
I can’t imagine my life without: Anastasia
Do you believe in God? Yes
What do you want to thank God for? I want to thank God for keeping us safe
What is the most beautiful thing in your life? Everything is beautiful
What do you want to see in the future? I want to see The Lord Jesus
The best thing I’ve ever received? A rat
Do you like day or night? Why? Day, cause you can go for a walk
Do you like chocolate? Yes (white)
In the future I’d like to become: A worker at the plant