Date of birth: 4/24/2008
Location: Yuzhny, Ukraine
My favourite holidays: New Year, my birthday, weddings
My favourite color: Red
My favourite flower: Rose
My favourite dish: Grilled sandwich
My favourite drink: Sprite
My favourite animal: Kittens
My favourite musical band / singer: Open kids
My favourite kind of music: Pop music
My favourite song: Wait & Don’t Dance
My favourite poet / story / poem: В гости дождик зачастил (The rain comes to visit me)
My favourite magazine: Кузнечик («The Grasshopper»)
My favourite type of sports: Jogging
My favourite TV series / TV shows / movies: Syshish Show Bar (Ukrainian comedy show,
My favourite thing / toy? Bicycle
My hobby? Drawing
I love: To obey my parents
I don’t like: Quarrels, fights, when my grandma screams at my mother
My best friend? Anastasia
My positive traits? I’m fair
My dream? I want a bicycle
My best memories? How Nastya and I piddled together (best friend)
What do you value in people? I appreciate calm and executive people
My fear? When someone scares me in the darkness
I collect: stickers
My favourite school subjects? Russian language, mathematics, literature
What would you like to learn? I would like to learn drawing and cutting out different figures beautifully
What do you notice when you meet people? I notice the smell of perfume and friendliness
Would you like to live in another country? No, I wouldn’t.
I can’t imagine my life without: My mom
Do you believe in God? Yes
What do you want to thank God for? I want to thank God for giving me food, clothes, hands
What do you think love means? When husband has good relationships with his wife and pay attention to her with love.
What is the most beautiful thing in your life? When my mother is in a good mood.
What do you want to see in the future? I want my family to be well
The best thing I’ve ever got? Teddy bear
Do you like day or night? Why? Night. I like watching movies at night.
Do you like chocolate? Yes (white chocolate)
The most unpleasant day in my life? When I had a birthday party one person spoiled my mood.
In the future I’d like to become: I would like to have a job linked with knitting.