Date of birth: 12/12/2009
Location: Sychavka, Ukraine
My favourite holidays: My Birthday
My favourite color? Blue
My favourite flower? Violet
My favourite dish? Borscht
My favourite drink? Coca Cola
My favourite animal? A hamster
My favourite song? Bodya pavuk (DZIDZIO)
My favourite book? I like books about cars
My favourite type of sports? Soccer, chess
My favourite TV series / TV shows / movies: Silent Hill, Everybody Dance! (TV series)
My hobby? Cars
I love: A cake
I don’t like: Sasha (a classmate)
My best friend? Julia (a cousin)
My positive traits? I have a good behavior during my classes
My negative traits? Sometimes I’m lazy. I can also cheat
My dream? 4 collection toy cars with opening doors
My best memory? A trip to the circus with my classmates
What do you value in people? Generosity, kindness, friendliness
My fear? It’s darkness, especially when I go to the toilet at night
I collect: Toy cars
My favourite school subjects? Reading, handicrafts
What would you like to learn? I would like to learn to do something by hands, for example it may be wall clocks
What do you notice when you meet people? Whether people are good, what kind of words they use. I don’t like bad lexicon
Would you like to live in another country? No, I wouldn’t.
I can’t imagine my life without: My mom and favourite toys (cars)
Do you believe in God? Yes, I do. But I’d like to believe more
What do you want to thank God for? I want to thank God for my mom
What do you think love means? When a boy loves girl, takes her to the restaurant, then buys different things for her, afterwards they have children
What is the most beautiful thing in your life? When father loves mother
Things I don’t like about myself? When I fight and quarrel with my brother (Ihor Nagirnych)
What do you want to see in the future? I want to have a good house and kind family. My desire is to avoid quarrels and fights
The best thing I’ve ever got? Zhiguli with opening doors (it’s a toy car)
Do you like to make compliments? Yes, I do. It concerns my mom
Do you like day or night? Why?Day, because you can go for a walk
Do you like chocolate? Yes (white)
The most unpleasant day in my life? When aunt Rita fell ill and died
In the future I’d like to become: A taxi driver