Date of birth 11/07/2005
Location Yuzhny, Ukraine
My favourite holidays My Birthday, New Year, Easter
My favourite color Blue
My favourite flower Rose
My favourite dish Crab salad
My favourite drink Coca Cola
My favourite animal A dog
My favourite musical band / singer Khrystyna Soloviy, Open kids
My favourite kind of music Where piano is used
My favourite actor / actress Khrystyna Soloviy
My favourite poet / story / poem Shevchenko, “Close your eyes”
My favourite type of sports Jogging
My favourite TV series / TV shows / movies Stairway to Heaven, Who’s on top? (TV show)
My hobby? Music, I like to sing
I love Kolya, grandma and my mom
I don’t like When somebody laughs at me
My best friend(s)? Alina and Angelina
My positive traits? Persistence
My negative traits? I get upset if something goes wrong
My dream? I want to visit Kiev
One of my best memories? When I went to the Dolphinarium
What do you value in people? Kindness and compassion
My fear? Darkness
My favourite school subject? Drawing
What do you notice when you meet people? I notice how his or her voice sounds
Would you like to live in another country? Yes. The USA.
I can’t imagine my life without Language
Do you believe in God? Sure
What do you want to thank God for? I want to thank God for Jesus and life He gave me
What do you think love means? Love is a family
What is the most beautiful thing in your life? My mom!
Things I don’t like about myself? I don’t like my eyes and teeth
What do you want to see in the future? In the future I want to open my own firm and have a lot of money
The best thing I’ve ever received? Mermaid Doll
Do you like day or night? Why? Night! You can relax safely
Do you like chocolate? Of course!
In the future I’d like to become A chemist