Date of birth: 12/25/2005
Location: Yuzhne, Ukraine
Height: 4’6″
Shoe size: 5
My favorite holidays: New Year, Christmas, My Birthday
My favorite color: Turquoise, White
My favorite flower: Tulip, chrysanthemum
My favorite dish: Mashed potatoes with fried chicken
My favorite drink: Multifruit juice
My favorite animal: A cat
My favorite musical band / singer: Burak Yeter, Danelle Sandoval
My favorite kind of music: Pop music
My favorite song: Tuesday
My favorite actor / actress: Egor Creed
My favorite poet / story / poem: Tsvetik-semitsvetik
My favorite TV series / TV shows / movies: Fifth guard, Master Chef: Children
My hobby: Gymnastics
I love: My mom and dad
I don’t like: Name-calling in school
My best friend: Marianna and Anastasia
My positive traits: Good, accurate, friendly
My dream: I want my parents to have no quarrels
What do you value in people? Kindness and friendliness
My fear: Darkness and altitude
I collect: Stickers, small teddy bears
My favorite school subjects: Drawing, handicrafts, math
What would you like to learn? To dance and sing
Would you like to live in another country? No
I can’t imagine my life without: My mom and dad
Do you believe in God? Yes
What do you want to thank God for? I want to thank God for everything
What do you think love means? It’s difficult to answer
What is the most beautiful thing in your life? Mom, Dad, the whole family
What do you want to see in the future? A good husband
The best thing I’ve ever received? A smartphone
Do you like day or night? Why? Night. You can sleep
Do you like chocolate? Of course (white)
The most unpleasant day in my life? When I was called with bad names and beaten in school
In the future I’d like to become: A social work (to save Children’s lives)