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    ​​​Nourished Hearts partners with indigenous orphan care leaders to love, encourage and care for orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide.

    How we do it


"Island of Hope" Orphan Prevention Center utilizes a mixture of staff and volunteers to offer an unheard service in most of second and third world countries -- afterschool and weekend intervention for at-risk families.



Our Orphan Visitation Team reaches into an orphanage which was once off limits to visitors. The team was persistent, and eventually earned one visit...



The dream of a transitional care for the children aging out of the Zhovten State Orphanage is almost a reality...



Your country is at war. Unemployment is at a crippling 40% plus. Your family is unable to care for you. Authorities have ripped you away from everything you have ever known, or picked you up wandering the streets. You are now a ward of the state, placed in a scary building overcrowded with children who make fun of your tears and whispered pleas for mama.

This is the nightmarish reality of life for many orphans of Ukraine.

On a recent visit, I met a 14 year old boy named Alosha. He sat by himself in the back of the auditorium; it was obvious he didn’t want to be there. I watched as his attention was diverted to the visitation team. He was amused by the antics of the opening games and skits. I noticed his foot tapping to the music of the songs. Alosha was drawn into the craft time regarding the subject of the visit, prayer. He made the wings of a cut out, paper dove by tracing his own hands on paper and attached them carefully. He only faltered when asked, “What is the one thing that could truly change your life? Write it on this dove, as a prayer to God.”

It took Alosha longer than the other children to write his prayer. He gave it considerable thought. He finally wrote on the paper before him, and left the auditorium in tears.

When I asked the visitation team member what Alosha’s prayer was, she read to me the following, “I need the love of a good family.”

The orphaned children of Ukraine know what they’re missing. Nourished Hearts is ready to help.

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